Rental Management

Are you considering having your property managed by SweetHomes by Val d'Isère Téléphériques ?

SweetHomes Expertise
SweetHomes commits its property expertise to owners and buyers, who benefit from the agency's responsiveness and professionalism. Our experts save you time through assistance with all procedural matters - susch as mandatory diagnostic tests - before you rent out your property.

Being an owner at Val d'Isère
Our experts help you understand the real estate market and its specific qualities to constantly improve the occupancy rate of your property.
What are the must-haves of an apartment at Val d'Isère ? How do you make your tenants feel at home ? SweetHomes will place its focus on your property through personalized advice. SweetHomes can assist you with property renovation as well. We also help you identify the ideal moments for a stay at your property.


Interior design, equipment, advice, decoration, furniture, layout, style, maintenance package, professional photos; we can take care of everything to make your property as attractive as possible to our customers.

SweetHomes Tips

Before renting, we will visit your property and give you our opinion on possible improvements in terms of decoration, style, choice of furniture and if necessary possible renovations.

These tips will help you to meet the expectations and needs of your tenants during their stay, in order to offer them a cosy atmosphere to live within.

As for the general aspect of your property, we advise you to adopt a harmonious and impersonal decoration while remaining a typical mountain atmosphere.

Embellishment work and maintenance package:

All work can be monitored and or executed by SweetHomes. We can propose all types of furniture or decorations at advantageous prices from our personally selected suppliers.

Also, throughout the season our ‘maintenance package’ will give you peace of mind and confidence: an annual sum is allocated to the maintenance of your property which allows our team to take care of any maintenance problems in your apartment.  Any equipment’s or maintenance requiring a more substantial sum will be subject to a preliminary estimate, with your acceptance needed in order to proceed.

The equipment in your premises

For the comfort of your tenants, your accommodation should be totally furnished and fully equipped. Do not forget to provide your guests with the following equipment whenever possible: microwave oven, kettle, dishwasher, washing machine, coffee maker, toaster, hairdryer and clothes dryer. This equipment will be appreciated by your tenants. An Internet connection is also more and more a high demand among our customers, and will help distinguish your property.

Presentation of your property

Your accommodation is unique and the photos must reflect this, which is why the decoration and the furniture of your property are essential as they help show the charm to which customers are very sensitive.

For the development of your accommodation, our experts will take care of everything. We use a professional photographer to highlight your property on the SweetHomes website, in our window display and when meeting with prospective clients.

We rely also on our customers’ feedback to provide you with additional possible improvements that will benefit future occupants of your property as well as enhance it.


You want to enjoy your home in the mountains while optimizing your rental? Discover how to identify the right time and organize your schedule to enjoy your own vacation to the maximum.

Know the off-peak periods and peak periods

Some periods are better for rent than others, like during the winter school holidays when skiers rush to book the desirable properties.

During this time, the demand is strong, so it is advisable to put your accommodation at the disposal of visitors to Val d’Isère to provide the best opportunity that your accommodation occupied as long as possible.

However, the demand is not the same throughout the whole winter season, so you have to know how to identify off-peak periods meaning you can enjoy your property without losing the benefits.

Moreover, as these periods are generally calmer, you will avoid the crowd and enjoy the village in all serenity. The exceptional snow conditions in Val d’Isère allow you to enjoy the snow throughout the entire winter. Do not hesitate to seek advice from the SweetHomes professionals to help identify these periods and plan your holidays and those of your family accordingly.

The identification of these different periods will allow you to have an optimal rental management.

The steps to take with SweetHomes

You and your family have planned the dates of your winter hols and would like to spend them in your winter home?

Simply call us so that we can reserve this period for you on your rental schedule. Your property is always be visible on our website confirming this.

All the little extras offered by SweetHomes to your tenants  can also apply to you and your family during your stay.

You can find all of our services in “Services offered by SweetHomes


Do you know if your property complies with all the legal requirements? Do you know the legal norms in order to put your property for rental with confidence?

The legal obligations of landlords who want to rent their property are numerous and they evolve regularly. To help you comply with these laws, SweetHomes will provide you with the different rules you need to know about when making your property available to rent.

The Regulations specific to rentals

Here are the key criteria specific to rentals:

- The surface of your property must be more than 9 m2.
- The ceiling height must be at least 2,20 meters.
- Since 2015, each owner has a legal obligation to install a smoke detector. We, at Sweet Homes, advise you to use a detector that meets the NF and CE standards with the batteries guaranteed for at least 5 years.
- Bunk beds, must comply with the norm of the decree 2nd June 1999 with corresponding labels affixed to the bed.

SweetHomes team will check your property before rental to inform you if your apartment requires any additional measures. We will help you secure your property by replacing any non-compliant bunk beds and installing smoke detectors for you. All our homes are checked, secured and comply with current legal standards.

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