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SweetHomes's team

SweetHomes is an agency on a human-scale, keeping you in close contact, offering a unique quality of service.
Our team is composed of experts, experienced specialists in selling and renting accommodations.

Owner or tenant, you can entrust your needs to SweetHomes
Are you an owner ?
We dedicate our know-how and our time to the management of your real estate assets.
Are you a tenant ?
We put your well-being at the heart of our concerns to simplify your stay, ensuring peace of mind.

Top quality expertise
Our real estate agency benefits from a central location in Val d'Isère. For many years, our experts have understood the market and its evolution. Living in the heart of the village, they are uniquely suited to advise you and guide you through future decisions.
Whatever your needs, whether you are a tenant, current owner of prospective buyer, SweetHomes is by your side to help you achieve your real estate goals.

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We make your stay easier. Thanks to tailor-made services and options : 
Car parking : from 79 € the week
Additional services : contact us


The rental contract and the inventory of your property require special knowledge and diligence, as they protect you and your property.

For example, what is the information that must be legally mentioned and how should a rental contract be written?

SweetHomes carries out all these administrative procedures, to make your life easier and place your property quickly onto the rental market.

The Check-Out

The inventory provides information on the different characteristics of your property, installations and a piece-by-piece check on the condition of various elements. Under French law, this inventory must contain the mandatory information requested by Decree No. 2016-382 of 30 March 2016, the Alur Act.

Because not all owners of properties in Val d’Isère actually live within the village, carrying out an check-out for each tenant is a difficult and time-consuming task.

This requires a physical and geographical proximity which to some can be a real problem.

That’s why using SweetHomes allows you to delegate this responsibility. We carry out these procedures while keeping you informed giving you rental peace of mind.

We perform a check-out after every rental. Our teams also take care of the tenants’ deposit guarantee and the repairs of any faulty or broken equipment.

We take care of any work needed in your home and also offer our owners a maintenance package, adaptable to each property covering all wear and tear during rentals. You can access and track more important work and repairs directly from your home, via a dedicated and secure online space. Our maintenance technician takes care of everything.

The rental mandate

The lease mandate is an official document that must contain mandatory and regulated parts. By going through SweetHomes, you are assured that your contract is in compliance with the many different regulations. We take care of everything in your absence, and manage the arrivals and departures in your property.

Why go through SweetHomes ?

Going through SweetHomes means simplifying your life:

We take care of your property and the comfort of your tenants, by offering them unique and personalized services.

- Your accommodation will be rented quickly to trusted and professional people for a serene management of your property.

- We offer regular payments throughout the season according to a pre-determined schedule, thereby avoiding any unpleasant surprises regarding your finances.

- You can use on our online site to monitor your property and its rental bookings through a dedicated and secure space.

- If your tenants have a particular wish, need advice, or good ideas the our historical location in the resort gives us a perfect knowledge; we can contact the necessary professionals to help them or suggest to them good addresses in the resort.

- We propose to our tenants additional services such as cleaning on request, extra linen, baby furniture, or even booking a car parking space.

- These services are for the tenants but also for you and your family when you wish to occupy your apartment.

You can find the list of our exclusive services here “The services SweetHomes“.

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