Prepare your holidays

Prepare your holidays


Whether you decide on a family getaway, a romantic interlude or an epic stay with friends, you will undoubtedly find the cocoon that suits you. SweetHomes helps you make the right choices based on your preferences and what kind of experience you are looking for.

Enjoy the mountains with the family

To enjoy special moments with your family, opt for a friendly chalet that will allow you to escape from your daily routine. The cozy atmosphere, charming living room and change of scene will do you good. Just sip a delicious cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace, appreciating the tranquility and beauty of the snowy landscape.

Aside chalets, SweetHomes offers a variety of one to four bedroom accommodations. Find the cocoon where each member of the family will feel at home.

Opt for a lodging near the ski lifts to simplify your access to the slopes and to avoid carrying your equipment too long after a ski-filled day. At the entrance of your cocoon, simply take off and put away your skis before settling in on your sofa.

For even further comfort, choose a rental equipped with a washing machine, dishwasher and wifi.

A vacation among friends

Choose a lodging near key spots for easy access to the village’s restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Val d’Isère is an ideal place to get together with friends, share festive moments and meet new people in legendary places.

Download the Val d’Isère app on your smartphone to check out the various spots and choose the perfect place for you and your friends.

Gone are the days spent sleeping on a mattress on the floor. The SweetHomes cocoons can sleep up to 10 people, allowing everyone to enjoy the comfort and charm of Val d’Isère.

A haven for two in the mountains

For your romantic getaway in Val d’Isère, SweetHomes offers a selection of cozy nests adapted to your needs. Opt for a south-facing accommodation in La Daille to ensure a peaceful stay. Admire the stunning views on Le Fornet or the village, enjoying the most beautiful places of Val d’Isère.

How about renting a studio for two for a comfy, secluded holiday? SweetHomes can also propose a selection of studios equipped with wifi, a television and a dishwasher.

Whatever your needs, desires or expectations, SweetHomes will accompany you throughout your stay to make it unique.


The snow, the mountains, the fresh air… you’ve finally booked your holiday in Val d’Isère and are greatly looking forward to it. Have you already thought about preparing your stay? Do you want to be sure not to forget anything for a serene and relaxing vacation?

Let us help remind you of the little details that will contribute to a stress-free arrival in your SweetHomes cocoon.

Step one: Pack your bags

Before leaving, think of the activities you’ll be participating in during your stay and pack the necessary items. For efficiency and peace of mind, we advise you to pack one suitcase per person.

For a complete ski outfit, each person should have:

- A ski jacket and ski pants
- Ski socks
- Gloves and glove liners
- Thermal base-layers
- Ski goggles or sunglasses
- A ski hat or helmet

Don’t forget to use sunscreen even if the weather doesn’t seem particularly sunny. We strongly urge you to (re)apply sunscreen at least once every two hours while in the mountains, where the UV level can be high.

For relaxing moments at the spa or aqua-sports center, pack your swimsuit… and bring along some board games for cozy evenings by the fireplace.

Step two: Prepare your car

Whether you're 100, 200 or over 500 km from Val d’Isère, your car must also be ready for the trip.

It is highly recommended you verify your tires before hitting the road, so take advantage of the time to check other aspects of your vehicle. If your car isn’t already outfitted with them, consider buying chains or opting for snow tires.

Ask your auto garage for advice and tips to travel with more peace of mind. They can help remind you of everything you may need.

Step three: Verify the equipment in your lodging

Ask your accommodations agency to specify the equipment at your disposal in the lodging.

Is there a dishwasher? A place to keep your ski boots? A television and a DVD player to watch your favorite films, wifi? Finding out beforehand will allow you to avoid packing your suitcase with equipment already provided in your accommodation.

Last step: Enjoy your stay

Consider booking your ski passes online in advance to save time upon your arrival. Make sure you have all necessary papers as well as any documents you may be asked to provide such as your identity card or passport, “large family” (parents and 3+ children) card, or your student ID, and bring any discount coupons you may want to use.

Plan your activities ahead of time and be prepared with a plan B in case of unforeseen circumstances. The Val d’Isère application will help you get all the information you need in real time, allowing you to find the right spot for a romantic dinner or for a night out with friends, for example.

Once you arrive in Val d’Isère, take the time to visit the SweetHomes team, who will be more than happy to help you.

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