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How to get to Val d'Isère

Have you (finally) decided to book your holiday in Val d’Isère? An excellent idea! We’ll give you the best advice on arriving in the village worry-free and navigating around the lively pedestrian streets of Val d’Isère.

What time can i arrive ?

On the day of your arrival in Val d’Isère, the keys of your accommodation will be available for retrieval from 5 pm until the agency closes. Refer to your roadmap for details and verify the exact address of your key pickup. In case of late arrival, please notify the SweetHomes team by telephone.

As soon as you arrive, inquire about the activities proposed in the village and on the slopes. You can spend the evening organizing your stay, scheduling all your activities and planning your shopping for the week.

If you arrive in the early evening, take the opportunity to take a village stroll at nightfall. Also remember to pick up your ski pass and equipment in advance to avoid having to stand in line the following morning.

How can i get around the village ?

Whether you arrive by train, by car or by bus, it is very easy to get around the village of Val d’Isère. Free shuttles will take you to the city center or the slopes from your lodging. These shuttles pass every 5 minutes during the day and even circulate at night to allow you to enjoy the charm of Val d’Isère from evening to morning.

Upon arrival, you can park your car in one of the three parking lots proposed by SweetHomes. Consider asking SweetHomes to reserve you a parking space in advance. Stroll or take a shuttle through the village and discover the spots that make Val d’Isère such a charming place.

After a full day of skiing, take the time for a promenade through the pedestrian streets, admiring the view, shopping and chatting with shopkeepers. In short, relax and take advantage of your holidays to do things you don’t make time for during the rest of the year.

Did you know that you can access the village directly from the slopes? After your descent, go directly to the town and take off your skis at the foot of your apartment.

Want to stay warm? Settle in at a bar at the end of the day and warm up with an inviting cappuccino. Take advantage of the moment to look over your photos taken on the slopes, then return to your cocoon and get ready to indulge in a delicious fondue with the family.

Leaving the village

Your stay is coming to an end, you’ve taken a last tour in the village of Val d’Isère to find souvenirs for family and friends, and you’re wondering what time is best to hit the road.

On the day of your departure, the keys must be returned no later than 10 am to the site where you picked them up. We advise you to begin your return trip relatively early to avoid traffic, especially during school holiday periods. For those taking public transportation, luggage storage is available. Please notify the SweetHomes team.

In the car or on the train, to extend the enjoyment of your stay, think back on your most beautiful memories and share your favorite photos with your friends

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