Do you want to sell your property ? Several key criteria come into play for estimating a property.

The location of your property

Geographical location
 is one of the first factor’s to be taken into account. Indeed, depending on its location, the sale price of your property can vary significantly. It is therefore essential to know the price per m2 of the area. There are different areas in Val d’Isère and they do not all have the same appeal: La Daille, Fornet, or the Village. It is also worth looking at the prices of recent properties around you with the same characteristics that have sold recently.

The characteristics of your property

Besides the location of your property, many other criteria come into play in the calculation of the price:

- The size and number of rooms are also key factors in determining the price,
- If your property is on the ground floor or has a terrace then the price per m2 goes up,
- If it offers a panoramic view of the slopes, its value will increase, and the same applies for a south facing property,
- If there is a parking space or not: an element highly valued by visitors to Val d’Isère,
The condition of the property can play, old or new, as well as its energy performance: type of heating, insulation etc.

Free Valuation of your property

Avoid using online simulators as the Val d’Isère real estate market is very specific and many different factors are taken into account before determining a correct selling price.

The best way is to have the property valued by a professional at SweetHomes. We are specialists in the real estate market and have an excellent knowledge of the different sectors and specificities.

We estimate the price of your property for free, and give you the correct price, so that you can sell your property as quickly as possible.

Do not hesitate to visit SweetHomes to exchange with the professionals of the Selling/Buying Department. We would love nothing more than to meet you and visit your property.

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