Shelters in Val d'Isère

In winter as well as in summer, shelters open their doors to welcome you in the heart of the mountains of Val d'Isère and the Vanoise National Park.
Accessible by skiing in winter or by hiking trails in the summer, here is a selection of two shelters to help you prepare for your mountain stay.

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Photos: © Val d'Isère Tourist Office


Capacity - 36 people | Price: from €23 to €50 per person with half-board

Discover this little corner of paradise in the heart of the mountains. Picnic tables, dormitories, self-catering area, small library - everything is done to make you comfortable, especially with generous dining options!

Plus: On July 17th and August 15th, come and exchange with a representative from the National Park who will tell you about the wonders of the Vanoise.

It is also possible to bivouac there upon reservation and with a fee of €5 per person.

Open and guarded from June 15th, 2023 to September 16th, 2023.

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Capacity - 42 people | Price: from €11 to €19 per person per night

If environmental protection is important to you, this is the ideal shelter! Managed sustainably, especially through waste management and photovoltaic renewable energy, it contributes to raising awareness about nature preservation in an exceptional setting.

Plus: The Prariond Shelter will host a representative from the park to discuss the diversity of fauna and flora in the Vanoise on July 25th and August 3rd.

To find it, nothing could be simpler: the shelter is located along the route of the GR5 variant.

Open and guarded from June 17th, 2023 to September 17th, 2023.

More information on the Tourist Office website

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